We understand the major financial decisions you make will have significant and life-changing consequences, and the ability to make these decisions is dependent on knowing as much as possible about your life, your goals and aspirations, and your financial position. It is therefore essential that you seek professional independent financial advice from people you can trust.

The below outlines our typical advice process. We may add or combine some of the meetings described to tailor our service to your needs.

1. Initial Meeting

The initial meeting is at our expense and without obligation, and is to find out whether we can help you. It also gives you a chance to evaluate if we are the right firm for you. If you are happy to proceed, we will agree the cost of our advice, discuss our ongoing service propositions and complete our Client Agreement for the work agreed.

If you are happy to proceed, this next step may form part of your initial meeting.

2. Discovery Meeting (Information Gathering)

The aim of the second meeting is to establish you and your family's financial goals and objectives and any specific financial planning requirements you may have. We will ask pertinent questions relating to your current and future financial needs.

We will also ask you to complete a risk profile questionnaire to ensure we fully understand how you feel about investment risk.

If you can come to the meeting with as much information as possible that's always a great help.

3. Review & Analysis

After the meeting, we begin gathering the information we need from you and your financial product providers. We then analyse that information to build our recommendations. The time for this depends on how long it takes to get the information back from your product providers.

Typically, we would expect to present our recommendations to you within a month.

4. Recommendations

Our recommendations will set out where you are now financially, where you want to get to and highlight any gaps that need to be filled to get to your goals.

Then we start talking about the detail, in terms the most appropriate solutions to meet your needs.

5. Implementation

Once you have agreed with our recommendations, we will help you complete the relevant paperwork that comes with our recommended strategy. We liaise with your accountants and solicitors where appropriate. We stay in touch to ensure things go to plan and everything is implemented, as you want.

Details of any transactions undertaken through TFP Financial Planning Ltd will be recorded on our back office system.

6. Review

Typically, things will always change over time, whether it is your own objectives, tax or legislation. Our experience is that financial planning only works if you regularly review your circumstances.


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