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Helping aspirational couples aged 50+ live a happy, healthy and wealthy retirement

Spend with freedom | Invest wisely | Reduce taxes

The challenges we solve...

Our expert, human-focused financial planning helps to solve these challenges...

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You have complex financial arrangements that are confusing you and causing worry.

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You don't know how you are ever going to retire comfortably.

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You are fearful of wasting the time you have left despite the hard work that got you here.

and, most importantly...

You want the freedom to make work optional.

Helping you enjoy & embrace the freedom of life after work...

If this is you...

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Aged 50+

An individual or couple who are retired or planning for life after work.

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Have a net worth of £1m +

You have worked hard, saved diligently and have over £1 million of assets (excluding property).

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Looking for guidance

Your retirement is too important to trust traditional financial advice because you deserve more

...we can help

We understand that thinking about life after work can fill you with anxiety, fear and uncertainty, but also joy and excitement.


No one should let the emotional challenges stop them from enjoying the rewards of life after work.

What we do...

Our human focused approach provides you and your family with the following:

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Build you a plan

By talking about and planning for what may happen, we become comfortable with uncertainty and help paint a more understandable future for you and your family. 

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Give you confidence

We ensure that you have level 10 confidence that no matter what happens you will achieve your goals.

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Help find purpose

We deal with the intersection of enough vs more and align money & time with what’s most important.

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Reduce uncertainty

We plan to be less wrong tomorrow, avoid the big blow-ups and mistakes, and let boring be beautiful!

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We consolidate, organise, and simplify so you are always in control of your money and how you are going to spend it.

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Make work optional

Our financial planning makes work optional sooner rather than later so you get back as much of your spending window as possible.

Our approach...

Our human focused approach helps to prevent the following:

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The fear of going it alone

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Financial Anxiety & Chaos

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Working longer than you need, so you can spend this time doing what you want

Your Journey...





We will have conversations and listen to your purpose, values, dreams, fears, current financial reality and family life so we can create your unique financial roadmap.


Together we will build a robust financial plan, based on your unique situation that is solely focused on achieving your most desired outcomes.


We will be your families guide in an ever changing landscape so know matter what happens in the markets, economy or the world you can life your ideal life.

Your team...

Experts in helping people plan for and live in life after work.

We are award winning chartered financial planners, but we are more than that!

Our friendly team are specialists in helping aspirational couples aged 50+ navigate their complex financial situations and build a retirement that works for you.

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Your own finance hub...

All of our clients get access to MyTFP Hub, the client portal & mobile app from TFP Financial Planning.

MyTFP Hub is a client portal and mobile app that allows us to communicate with you safely, share important documents and give you control of your finances.

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What our clients say...

Dave & Lesley Evans

Paul Walton

We come highly recommended...

Read what some of our clients have said about the service they have received from TFP Financial Planning:

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Rob Page

Philip Cook

Malcolm Snelgrove

No sales patter and no jargon, just a genuinely holistic approach to financial advice. Can't recommend highly enough.

I would certainly recommend TFP to anyone looking for financial advice and more importantly to people approaching their retirements years who need sound, reliable and trustworthy advice.

Dan took the time to understand our lifestyle and what matters to us. Dan has given us a clear understanding and confidence for our future finances. Fantastic service!

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