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Team Building Tips from My Three-Year-Old Inspiration

Ok, buckle up because we're diving into the wild world of team building, and who better to be my inspiration? My three-year-old!

Yes, you read that right. Turns out, the chaos of parenting a toddler is like a crash course in team building. So, grab a Fruitshoot and let's unwrap what my tiny human has taught me about building an incredible team.

Lesson 1: Mix It Up, Embrace the Chaos

Have you ever been to a toddler playdate? It's like a mini-United Nations of toys and tantrums. In a team, mix it up too. Different backgrounds, vibes, and skills? Bring it on.

Just like my kiddo learns from her wild playmates, your team can thrive on diverse ideas, making it a creative powerhouse.

I have always lived by the fact that if you had two puzzle pieces that were exactly the same, they wouldn’t fit together to make the whole picture.

Lesson 2: Talk, Laugh, and Maybe Cry a Little

Communicating with a toddler is like trying to crack a secret code sometimes. But hey, communication is key!

Same goes for your team. Keep the chat flowing, listen up, and share those crazy ideas. Just like my mini-me says more with giggles than words, your team can build a solid foundation with open and honest communication.

It’s so much harder said then done, so keep it on the agenda and be gentle when you realise you’ve fallen off track with it when you do.

Lesson 3: Patience you must have, young Padawan

Toddlers are tiny balls of energy, bouncing off the walls. But, even in the middle of the madness, patience is the name of the game.

Your team's no different. Ride out the storms, navigate the chaos, and grow together. Like teaching a three-year-old to wait her turn, patience in your team keeps things sane in the long run.

Because ultimately, building a team, culture and environment that you want to work in everyday, needs to be done together.

Lesson 4: Party for the Little Wins

In toddler world, every little triumph is a ticket to the celebration train. Whether it's eating good foods or signing a nursery rhyme, it's a party. There is a round of applause, a speech and a whole boat load of smiles from whoever is around. It is infectious!

Your team needs some of that too. Celebrate those small victories – finished a tough project? High-fives all around!

Recognizing the small wins keeps the vibes positive and the team pumped.

Lesson 5: Build a Fort of Support

Toddlers thrive in forts made of cushions and blankets or sheets thrown over tables. Your team? They need a support fort too.

Create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfy sharing ideas, taking risks, and just being themselves. Like I do for my little G, make sure your team has a safe space to be creative and collaborate without fear of judgment.

Remember what you came to be apart of. Because the chances are, it’s the same reason your team are here with you.


The ABCs of team building, toddler style.

Embrace the diversity, keep the communication flowing, throw in a dash of patience, party for the small victories, and build a support fort for your team to thrive.

Next time team dynamics get you scratching your head, take a page from my three-year-old's playbook.

Who knew the tiniest humans (arguably the best of humanity) could teach us so much about building a team that's not just efficient, but also amazing to be a part of? I mean, she’s taught we so much already in her 3 years of existence, I am not sure why I am so surprised!

Anyways, cheers to teamwork and tiny teammates!!! 🚀


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