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Embracing Innovation...

Big news! I’ve just stepped into a new role here at TFP as the Tech Integrator. Basically, I’m like a wizard but with fewer spells and more gadgets.

After a very busy year and an ever-expanding job description, we have made the decision to expand my role to include the title “Tech Integrator”, this will allow me to spend dedicated time working on our tech stack ensuring we are up-to-date with what the world has to offer.

One of my first challenges is automation. Once I get this in order it’ll be like having another member of the team. By automating routine tasks, we can significantly remove and reduce the administrative burdens that slow us down. This means more time and resources to focus on what truly matters, our client families and the service we provide.

I’m super excited about my new role and all the tech goodness coming our way. You may see some changes in the coming months, so if you do have any questions tech-related or otherwise, please feel free to reach out!

On another note, if you ever pop into the office and see me talking to my computer, I’m not crazy—I’m just doing my job!


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