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You wouldn’t set out on a journey without directions, so why would you set out on your retirement journey without WealthGPS...

What is WealthGPS?...

Here's what to expect...

Your WealthGPS journey starts with us working with you to discover your values, purpose, and vision for your retirement. Three key components to aligning your money with what’s most important to you.


We’ll introduce our retirement planning playbook which has 11 specifically designed exercises to uncover these values, purpose, and vision. This will allow us to understand you and your family in a way that goes well beyond your numbers, track progress and hold you accountable to you living your best life.

what is WealthGPS

How we invest your money...

Our 7 core investment beliefs are as follows...


Diversification is essential


Costs matter

Investor behaviour is a key determinant of their long-term outcome

Risk and return are related

The capital markets work

Asset allocation and portfolio structure drive returns

Consistent outperformance is rare

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