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How stepping into client meetings transformed my perspective

Curtis Berry

Recently, I have taken the next step and started providing meeting support for Casey. I have to say that it has been a revolutionizing experience which has shifted my perspective on what we can achieve for the families we work with.

After working at TFP for the past 20 months, I have had a lot of experience either via the telephone, email or MyTFP Hub. However, I have not had the same face-to-face exposure with our clients.

In February it was decided the Client Experience Team would be stepping into our Forward Planning Meetings to offer support, ensuring we take down all relevant information regarding our client’s lives, goals and objectives enabling the Financial Planner to remaining present in the conversation.

Ahead of my first meeting there were a lot of nerves as I perceived it to be completely out of my comfort zone. However, the moment I stepped in and started noting down the clients story something in me clicked and I saw first hand the effect on their attitude to life, time & money we had made over our longstanding relationship.

Quite a few meetings later and now I cant help but look forward to our meetings as they provide a clearer picture into the work we do and how it directly impacts our clients. One of the many benefits of working closely with our client families is I now know first hand their situations and requirements, this extra information benefits almost everything we do on the day to day as it can change our approach on a person-by-person basis.

I can safely say I wouldn’t go back to “sitting on the side-lines” as we have all seen the dramatic change in our day-to-day conversations around the work we do and the deeper relationships we build with our client families.


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