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Meet Lauren... Our Newest Member of the TFP Team.

I guess as the newest member of the team I should introduce myself. I’m Lauren and I have been part of the team at TFP for 3 months now. Everyone at TFP have been so welcoming and I really feel at home.

Its been a bit of a whirlwind!...

2022 was a bit of a personal whirlwind! I graduated Anglia Ruskin University in May with a 1st in Business Management and Finance, then started as a mortgage advisor where it didn’t take me long to realise that was not the job for me and then found myself at TFP.

TFP was a large reason to why I decided to study business and finance at university as in 2018 I completed work experience here. This was an experience I am extremely grateful for which only made me more eager to jump at the opportunity to return.

When I came for work experience, I remember meeting Olivia who at the time was studying for her diploma and now she’s a director and the practice manager. I think that just shows the incredible ethos at TFP with a focus on development, growth, and support.

My goals and aspirations...

Why is that important to me? It's important because I aspire to be a chartered financial planner and I know the culture at TFP will allow me reach my full potential! However as many great people say you can’t run before you can walk so my current goal is to pass the Diploma in Financial Planning and become a paraplanner. From there I will start the journey towards becoming chartered. However, in 6 months’ time when I’m stressing the night before an exam you might not get the same response!

Fun at TFP...

Since joining the team, Ive really enjoyed our social team events, such as the Christmas Party at the boom battle bar. We played shuffleboard (it's surprising how gentle you must be to keep it on the board), we also played what could have been the longest game of beer pong ever, as I’m not a beer drinker I must give Curtis a shout out for taking one for the team (if it was a pink gin, I would have given him a run for his money).

A proud achievement of mine was becoming the inaugural TFP pumpkin carving champion.

Away from the office...

I am the proud owner of my horse Colin (I didn’t choose the name). By horse I mean he is 14.3hh and for anyone non-horsey that is the cut of height between what is called a pony and a horse which is quite ironic as I am 5ft10! but at least I don’t have far to fall.

I know you’re supposed to sell horses as you outgrow them, but I’ve known him for 15 years so couldn’t bear to part from him.

If I’m not covered in mud at the stables, you’ll then find me trying to cook a variety of different recipes, my dad isn’t very appreciative of this as I have quite a taste for chilli, so he quite often has to enjoy a dinner with a glass of milk!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if I haven’t met you already, I really look forward to speaking and meeting with you very soon.


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