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Meet Olivia... Our Practice Manager and Resident Baker!

Hi! Nice to meet you, my name is Olivia, but you can call me Liv ✨

I am a Director here at TFP as well as our practice manager (meaning I essentially oversee all operations).

It's been a while since I have written anything for the specific aim of introducing myself, but we have some wonderful new names and faces that make up our incredible TFP Community, and since I no longer work on the side of the business that has direct contact with clients, I'm guessing there's a whole boat load of you that have no idea who I am!

Put me in a room full of strangers and I flourish 🌸 but I may not get that chance with you all for a while! ⏳ which got me thinking that Taite the plumber knows me more then some of you amazing people who I work every day to serve!

So here is my attempt at virtually 'working the room' and sharing some fun facts about me...

🏣 I started working at TFP in 2015 as a 20 year old administrator, aiming to get qualified and become a financial planner.

📝 I have been working in fianncial services for 10 years this year!

🍁 I spent some of my childhood living in Canada (specifically the Medicine Hat in Calagary) due to my dads occupation at the time... earning me the title of 'army brat'. I think it's a term of endearment for all of the soldiers kids 🤞🏼

👩‍⚕️ I didn't always dream of working in financial services. In fact, up until the age of 18, I was sure I would either work in the NHS or go in to the army and follow in my dads footsteps. However, I firmly sit in the camp of falling into the industry and then falling in love with the good we do!

🎓 I achieved my diploma in regulated financial planning in 2018.

❤️ I married my 'high school sweetheart' after living a 2 minute walk from his house, attending primary school, secondary school and sixth form together.

🤠 country music is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE type of music.

👶🏼 I have a daughter named Grace... who coincidently was born on a Tuesday (if you know the rhyme... how amazing is that!)

🍀 I actually had a near death experience in 2020 during the delivery of my daughter. But the NHS is made of brilliant heroes, that I thank everyday for the lives of Grace and myself.

📚I am book obsessed and am currently on my 14th book of the year.

🍪 I bake every week with my daughter, otherwise my husband complains about being neglected.

🐾 I have two golden retrievers; Daisy and Poppy.

I'm sure that is more than enough so I will leave it here, but I do hope to see you round the office or speak to you on the phone at some point and if you have any book or baking recommendations for me, feel free to send them along!


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