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My first 2 months at TFP – hear from the newest member of the TFP family, Samantha.

Hello everyone,

I’m Sam and I’m the newest member of the TFP Team. I have worked in the Financial Services industry for around 10 years now. Starting out in a call centre and then working my way up to work for two big Investment Platforms. This really gave me a good understanding of the products and technology used behind the scenes to look after your money.

I have now been working in the Wealth Management sector for two years and really enjoy it. It’s nice to work for a smaller company with a family feel where you can make a difference, rather than a large corporation where you are just a number. It has also helped me to understand the bigger picture and realise why Financial Planners are so crucial to helping you plan your future.

I have been working at TFP for nearly two months now and can honestly say it’s different to anywhere if worked before (in a really good way).

The first thing that really struck me when I started working at TFP was the fond way in which clients are spoken about and the care and interest that goes into their lives and looking after them. For TFP it isn’t about asking you to invest as much money as you can so they can make more money from you, it’s personal, it’s helping you manage the minefield of life, money, and the future.

The second was how our clients are encouraged to spend their money and live their best life. People work so hard to save money in their younger years to then keep that money hidden away for fear of running out. Dan & Casey work hard to show people their potential, how much they really have and how long this will last, and this shocks many.

So, with TFP you are encouraged to retire when you can afford to, go on that holiday you’ve always dreamed of, buy that car you’ve always had your eye on. Live the life you have always wanted without your money running out and still leave a legacy behind for your family.

From a personal point of view, I hope to go far at TFP. We have some very knowledgeable people, we all work hard together as a team, the technology is great, and they are a company who are always striving to improve and find betters way to work. And we go to the pub most Fridays which is always a bonus!

As for my home life I live on my own in Chelmsford, which I love. I have brilliant friends and family. My best friend recently gave birth to a baby girl, Bobbi. I was her birthing partner, so I am in a baby bubble at the moment and so in love with that tiny human! I enjoy going out for good food and drink. And I am a keen animal lover, I volunteer at a farm on Sundays and help look after the Alpacas. I think I am currently known as a crazy Alpaca lady!

Thank you for reading and I’m sure I will meet many of you soon.



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