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One year in, feels like 10! – hear from our Client Service Manager, Kerry

Wow where have the last 12 months gone??? It’s been a year full of twists turns and a little inconvenience called covid.

The Beginning 

I started with TFP Financial Planning on the 5th October 2021 as a Paraplanner, now I’m the Client Services Manager and what an uphill some may say vertical challenge it has been.  Starting in an established business is not always easy but this was not the case for me, the whole team made me feel welcome from day one, were very supportive and understanding of my quizzical nature.

Five weeks in, Oliva was rushed into hospital for an emergency C-Section and gave birth to Grace so with a gaping gap in the office it was a case of step up or sit back.  Me being me, I stepped up and took on the challenge.

With over 25 years industry experience under my belt, I have been able to embrace the opportunity to review processes, implement changes and more than anything learn about our wonderful clients all of whom have their own story to tell.

December then came and back into lock down we went, in came working from home, daily team calls and for me who lives alone isolation for the normal world.  This came with its own mental challenges but being able to throw myself into my work of which there was a plenty was a god send.

6 Months In

In came 2021 and in March a much-welcomed return to the office, strange as it was, it felt good to be back being able to spend time with the Team getting to know more about them and boy there were some revelations, their families, and past times.    With team members leaving for pastures new and the recruit of new the first half of this year was not without it struggles but as a team we managed to hold it together…. in fact, we excelled ourselves.

The Present Time

As mentioned earlier, over the last few months there have been many revelations about members of the team, some of which are best kept a secret, however, I have been referred to as the office shallot; during conversations, I have a habit of dropping in a little unknown fact, it could be from me being a rugby, gin guzzling biker girl to the more serene, synchronised swimmer.  There are many layers of this shallot still to unpeel maybe before the time I retire Casey and Dan will know the real me.

I have worn many hats since joining TFP and the only way I can sum up my experience over the last year is like being on a roller coaster which has many twists and turn and never stops, totalling exhilarating.  It is great to be working with such a terrific team of people and you, our clients.

Who would have thought all of this came from an initial chat with Casey whilst sitting in a garden centre car park?   Here’s to the next 10 years!


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