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REAL Retirement Stories

By Casey...

Advising client families for over a decade has put me in the fortunate position to be part of many different retirement journeys. I feel as though sharing these stories, experiences and lessons could really help many more retirees solve the retirement planning puzzle.

These thoughts were brought to life by a recent client conversation, which ended with our client – let’s call him Graham (that’s not his name!) – stating…

“The reason why retirement is hard is because I haven’t done it before”.

Now, this statement isn’t groundbreaking, BUT accepting that something on the face of it that should be a joy, could be hard is a first step. Then, recognising that this life transition isn’t like anything anyone has experienced before, really puts it in focus.

It just means that you are starting from the right point.

So, my idea is to just share these experiences, in the hope this can help more people in retirement Grab Life! and experience True Wealth (spending their time, money and energy on those things that matter most – with who they want, when they want and how they want).

Let me know what you think and please do share these stories with friends, family and colleagues who you think might benefit from a nudge in the right direction.


“Time really does fly”.

Sitting with an 82-year-old client in her home, it really brought home what later life can truly feel like. Our wonderful client was surrounded by pictures of her family, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

There were school photos, images of family gatherings and travel adventures, including walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We just asked, “When did you go to Australia?” and her response - after having to check the date on the picture - was “Wow, that was over 20 years ago! – Time really does fly, doesn’t it?”

She then talked about the feeling of how quickly this time had passed.

Finally, she shared how spending more money had become impossible, how many of her friends had passed away and that travel adventures were a thing of the past.

This isn’t supposed to be a sad tale. It's just a reminder of something we all know.

That window of time after we stop working is short.

Time will feel like it's flying and you need to make the most of it… before it’s too late.


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