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Retirement Crystal Ball...

By Casey

Over the last decade, many of our clients have said how easy it would be to plan retirement if they had a crystal ball. Something, that could tell them how long they will live, answer those unanswerable questions and show them what will happen along the way.

But we all know this doesn’t exist. Or does it?

In further discussion, everyone talks about friends, colleagues and family members who have retired and are now in their “slowing down phase” or in “later life”. Describing what their lives look like, how they have changed and the challenges they have faced.

So, although this isn’t a picture of our own future there are similarities that we all recognise in people experiencing a time in life when the desire, need or ability to spend money slows down and when unfortunately, health (typically) deteriorates in later life further limiting our lifestyles.

Now, this isn’t supposed to be all doom and gloom, it’s just an unvarnished reality check.

Most people appreciate that their spending will slow down sometime in the future because they have seen this happen to many different people around them. We also accept that we will become older and less physically capable. It’s just a fact of life.

Making grabbing life sooner rather than later a must.

Now, part of this process, when it comes to retirement planning does involve numbers. Making sure you understand financially what is possible. Then, looking at your retirement from enough different angles, to ensure you feel as comfortable, confident and at ease with spending your life’s savings on those things that matter most – before it’s too late.

All of this is designed to ensure (where possible) you are not, let’s say 85 sitting in your armchair with a war chest of money regretting those things you didn’t do and wondering what-if.

Again, this isn’t supposed to be negative.

It’s about using what we know to focus our attention on the window of time we have after work to do all those things we have dreamed of.

Although we don’t know when these things will happen, it seems likely they will happen.

This is the only Crystal Ball we have.

Life is not a Rehearsal.

Grab Life!


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